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Using Little Tikes Outdoor Play Toys as Halloween Props

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I recently posted a thread about repurposing Christmas blowmolds to Halloween use, and I started adding some pictures of Little Tikes toys I had repurposed as well to the end of the thread ~ However, they are a different item altogether, and there are so many possibilities with them, I thought I would make a new thread.

Many holiday decorators who like to use blowmolds in their displays, also have an affection for incorporating Little Tikes outdoor play toys as Halloween decorations: ride-on toys, teeter-totters, swings and playhouses are very popular, and usually very whimsical. However...

**ZOMBIE BABIES**! (I put that in caps to grab the attention of any reader who prefers the darker side of decorating.) ;)

I was thinking that with the recent popularity of zombie babies that there are endless possibilities for repurposing Little Tikes toys for those darling little zombie children to play on. Using spray paints for plastic in dark colors, screwing on spiders, skulls or severed body parts ~ filling a cart with decapitated heads, etc. You could really creep up these usually whimsical items. That said, my Halloween display is geared toward the tiny TOTs, so my use of them is definitely in the whimsical style. I just wanted to put the 'creepy' idea out there.
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(I already posted these in my other thread, but probably should have started a new thread for the Little Tikes items instead. Sorry for the double post.)

Here's a little quick and pretty much FREE repurpose I did this week. My husband picked up a really dirty and ancient Little Tikes Cozy Coupe from the garbage. I had a ghost with a broken base (which we cut off), and used pieces of a broken totes lid for accessories. I used a blowmold lollypop to make the Taxi light for the top. My little one and I picked through a bag of leftover Halloween toys and he decided on the bat 'rear view mirror' and the spiders. I even had most of the paint. Just had to buy a can of primer and some twine for the spider web.

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...and yes ~ the TAXI light even works! :D
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The ghost taxi is amazing. Your incredibly talented. I hope to copy your idea for my yard this Halloween. Can you tell me how you painted the black and white stripes, or is it tape?, and the TAXI light on top, how did you light it and, did you spray paint the lollipop top white or find a way to take the color off? I only see colors for sale. If I can't find a lollipop top, any suggestion on what to use instead?.
Thank you for sharing your great idea and any help you can give me. Happy Halloween!
I painted this toddler buggy black and added a skull, then seated a zombie baby on it last year. I hope to keep adding to it through the years. Just got in some bat wings which I might add to the baby for this year.

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