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Forum News and Rules

News and Announcements of HalloweenForum.com Rules and Guidelines that will help us all get along.
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Member Introduction

Hi New Members! Use this section to introduce yourself and say hello.
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General Halloween

Discuss anything about Halloween. All Year!
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Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes

Share your Halloween Party ideas and experiences.
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Halloween Props

Share your Halloween props. Or ask for help.
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Halloween Costume Ideas

Post your ideas about Halloween costumes
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Tutorials and Step-By-Step

Post tutorials and step-by-step instructions of your props and decor.
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Halloween Crafts

Share your Halloween Craft ideas and experiences.
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Halloween Music

Discussion regarding Halloween Music.
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Haunted Humor

Read and Submit funny stuff about Halloween.
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Group Buys

Member area for Group Buys. Members can work together to make large quantity purchase in order to receive discounts.
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Other Sites And The Industry

Announcements / Press Releases

Post your Halloween oriented announcements and press releases here.
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Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions

Discussion, information and reviews of Halloween, Haunt and Horror related events.
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Reviews - Great, Good, Bad, and Ugly

Post you good and bad experience with online and offline Halloween and Haunt merchants.
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Coupons, Discounts and Promotions

Coupons, Discounts and special offers from Halloween merchants.
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Add your link here for all to see. Must be Halloween related.
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Imported content


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Halloween and Horror Classifieds

Wanted to Buy

Looking for merchandise? Post it here and let merchants and individuals help.
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For Sale/Trade By Individuals

Used items for for sale or trade by individuals.
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For Sale By Merchants

Items for sale by merchants.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Site Help

Site Issues and Feedback

Notice an issue with your account or the forum? Post here for help.
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Off Topic Section

Off-Topic Stuff

If it has nothing to do with Halloween, put it here. Anything goes as long as you are nice.
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Forum games as well as all other types of games.
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Paranormal and the Unexplained

Post ghost stories or any other unexplained or paranormal topics here.
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Literature and Role-Playing

This area is for stories, poems role-playing and similar posts. Remember not to post copyrighted material.
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Horror Discussion

Discuss anything Horror related. Movies, books, gross stuff. Go ahead!
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