Hello! Many of you know me. I am also Restless Acres on the Spirit Halloween wiki (my Spirit Halloween prop collection is listed on my bio there; check it out, I'd be curious if someone out there has more. Definitely possible, but I did not discover Spirit until 2015). I have what I think is one of the great Spirit Halloween animatronic/prop collections there is. I am downsizing it as I am 1) irked at my storage facility for raising their prices on me twice in seven months, to a ridiculous amount, 2) not quite as Halloween crazy as i used to be, and 3) would like to add to my kids' college funds. I am probably not selling the cream of my collection, but I will still be selling lots of Spirit (and non-Spirit Tekky, Morbid, Home Depot props, etc.) props, some rare or rare-ish. I am mostly selling on eBay, due to its ease and wide-audience, but can sell via other channels, particularly on repeat transactions.

Below is a sample eBay listing of mine. If you want to see what else I am selling just click on Sellers Other Items (or whatever the term is). I will be listing more stuff right up to mid-October or so. I am starting with boxes of at least microwave size (though a few are smaller as they were easier to hand, and stuff I knew would be going) but will hopefully be getting to smaller stuff closer to Halloween.

Pop-Up Werewolf - Spirit Halloween retired prop. 2014. | eBay

Gemmy lifesizes aside (which I never used to be into), I probably have a majority of desirable animatronics from about 2009 to 2018, though I have many earlier and later. I once did a summary by year and for years like 2010-2015 I had about 25 half-size or larger props/animatronics for each year. Again, I am not selling the ones I love the most, but if there is something specific you are looking for, either post here or PM me. I have been a member here for 6 or 7 years, and have a significant presence both here, on the Spirit Halloween Wiki, and Facebook Spirit Halloween groups. Plenty of people know me from all three channels and have transacted with me over the years.

Thanks for reading!

Mike (O'Connell)
Restless Acres (Here and on Spirit Halloween Wiki)
Braintree Ma