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  • Hilda ·
    Tell your mom and aunt, we enjoyed seeing her work very much!
    I can't believe how many of the same things I have gathered together. I was telling Paint It Black last night that I have not staged my items yet, and it is so cool to see how well it is going to come together. I even laughed that she has Sadie and I got Dobson. LOL I think the old man misses her. hahaha
    Thank you again for sharing the photos.
    Ohhh witches this year? I can't wait to see what you do! Did you start a dedicated thread? I would love to follow.
    Hilda ·
    I just took a tour of your haunted hotel! Everything looks fabulous.
    I am really excited now to finish mine for this year. I have so many of the same items you have, and I like have you have staged the props.
    Thank you for sharing!! Do you have a new them for this year?
    kittyvibe ·
    thanks :) I just made my own thread and linked the album, should I post a few to the thread? Im also adding the upright pics but it wont let me edit the old one without losing the picture comments :( So Im adding the upright to the album anyway as extras :)
    oaklawn Crematory ·
    Here Kitty kitty......

    You had a wonderful set up and your facade was really awesome ! That was pretty inspiring. I hope you posted your pics on some threads!
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey kittyvibe! How are you doing? Just wanted to say thanks for the photo comments. The burlap was just what we had handy when we started out but it's worked well ever since. We really like the "Vicky's Cattery" house too. That, the gothic cathedral and the movie theatre really stand out for us as our favourite Spooky Town pieces to come out in the last few years. We like the simpler stuff best. The screeching cat sounds are kinda cool too. :)
    CemeteryGirl ·
    indeed! my uncle and aunt are utter halloween nuts as well, they go all out for their house every year! heck, they even got married on Halloween day.^^ and an engineer you say? i may have to check him out, goodness knows i could probably use some stuff. i think it'd be fabulous to get together some year, though unfortunately i don't have much of a haunt! i live with my parents still, so have very limited space and freedoms. i really wish we had the space to put storage shed so i could get more halloween stuff! i can't do too much anyway, our neighborhood kids have grown up and we have so few trick or treaters. thus is the reason i decided to have my first halloween party! my boyfriend doesn't understand it, thinks i'm doing too much or spending too much money...but he's still a sweetheart to be willing to help!
    Tannasgach ·
    I think I know the heavy black plastic you're talking about, it comes in rolls. I suppose I'll have to build some kind of frame for it. I also thought about doing classical monsters (inspired by Dawnski's thread). Three scenes - Mummy. Frankenstein, Dracula in the garage with the Wolfman and Creature from the Black Lagoon outside. Then I would just put my witch display on the back patio. One of the things I'll miss when giving up the theme parties is hunting down all the little treasures found at thrift shops. But with those themes I'll have a couple more years of collecting. :D
    Tannasgach ·
    oh no kitty, not your garage haunt! :eek: I always thought you had the perfect setup, a neat walkthrough viewing all the scenes and then just shut the garage door and not have to worry about weather or theft. Sheds are so expensive, all my stuff is stored in my old daycare room but if I ever was to reopen it I would need a shed too. Amazing how this stuff accumulates. :rolleyes: I think I have three more parties in me (Dead & Breakfast, Haunted Luau, Carnevil) so next year may be my last theme party. After that I was planning on setting up a garage display. I can't use the whole garage though, we can't even walk through it now, but just blocking off a section in the front. I'm trying to decide wheather to do the scene as a witch area or three seperate scenes from my different props. What do you use to divide your walls with between scenes?
    Tannasgach ·
    Hi Kitty, just stopping to see how you're doing. :) Been getting a lot of rain on the west coast? I'm drowning down here. I can't do any spray painting outside, everything is too wet and muggy, would take forever to dry. Good to see you're back.
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