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    In the video you talked about making eye and maybe doing a video on how you did that. Did you ever do that i would love to hear more about the making of the eyes.

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    Hi Haunted Corner, I will try to explain the best that I can here. The eyes are made using casting polyurethane (Sil-cast), Silicone mold material (Econo-sil) and a clear resin (like Envirotex). For the silicone molds I took a smooth 1" round ball, sanded one side flat to a 1/2" diameter. I hot glued the ball with the flat side up, to the bottom of a dixie cup and filled that up with silicone. For the lens mold I had to find a 1/2" diameter ball that was super flat. So I took a marble, and since I can't cut that in half I cut a hole in the bottom of a dixie cup and glued the marble into that so that 1/2 of the marble protruded into the bottom of the cup. I then filled that cup with silicone. So now I have my 2 molds. I filled the larger mold with Sil-cast (a white polyurethane plastic) and the lens mold with a clear casting resin (Envirotex). Then I either find photo's of iris' online and photoshop out all of the bright spots and print them out or paint the pupil and iris onto a sheet of paper. I cut that out, glue it to the back side (flat side) of the lens casting, then sandwich it to the base and glue them together (superglue). Then I fill in the seam with aquarium (clear) silicone and coat the whole thing with clear nail polish.
    The nice thing about this is that you can make any size eyeball that you want, any color, shape of pupil/ iris etc. Honestly, the most difficult part was finding the right sized balls to mold and getting the lens to cast up without any bubbles! Incidentally, this is really cost effective if you're going to make 10 or more eyes (they can be as cheap as 25 cents if you go up from there) but if you only will ever need a pair you may want to just buy them.
    If I get enough interest I will try to put a video together next time I make some!

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    Great looking grave digger. Love the movement!
    Stamp out the Christmas Creep !

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    This looks great, has a very labyrinth goblin feel to him.

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    Thanks Crashbig! Funny thing; when I sculpted it Labyrinth had just come out and it was (partially) based on Hoggle!!

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