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    Hi DaveInTheGrave, yeah it's just a line laser at about (in this case) chest level. It essentially highlights the fog only at that level so you get all that swirling and patterns. No moving parts at all!

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    for years i've been doing a low laser line in our yard

    converted a xmas laser star projector with red & green dots ... pulled out everything the green laser and the cooling fan & used a glass cylinder to convert the laser dot to a line ... works very well, but it is brighter in the middle of the line and fades off at the edges ... wasn't able to find a dot to line laser converter that wasn't expensive, but that was probably 4-5 years ago ...

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    Hi Anna,
    using a glass cylinder or a fresnel lens will always have a slight imperfection; the fresnel lens causes the line to break up at the ends and the cylinder causes a gradual fade. I was thinking that the effect could be amplified and expanded using mirrors, but I haven't tried it yet.

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    Love what you did. Do know what out put is on lasers you used ie.10mW?

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    Thanks Out of time! It's a 5mw but the thing is super bright! I can shine it during the day on my neighbors' white house and I can see it in full sunlight! I'm thinking of setting up mirrors and seeing if I can amplify the effect around the yard more (as it is these things only really work if the viewer is facing the emitter, so you need to mount them low).

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