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I'm hoping to find a transistor expert in here.

I've got an old Zultan that we've had forever and we love. The Curtains stopped opening (common problem). Temporarily I wired them open, but now I'm trying to fix it. In chasing the lack of voltage getting to the motor I came across a transistor that burned up - I realize that the motor could have killed the transistor, so I do plan to check that out too. However, I'm finding it very difficult to find a replacement transistor. Does anyone know of a good resources? I've tried Mouser and DigiKey.

I'm seeing "HSB772", however that seems to point to a TO-126L package part. This one looks like a TO-92, which I think would a "HSB772S" possibly.

I've found data sheets for the part, but that's about as far as I can get. I'm unable to find a location to purchase that part, and I'm unable to find an available replacement - and being a software guy - I really don't have the expertise.

Hoping someone else will have a little more knowledge than I.

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