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Hi all!

I need some help in setting the details of my party. It will start with an Edwardian/Victorian themed set. Very ornate, "fancy". Then, a couple of hours in I plan to turn out the lights, have several "helpers" make the place creepy (put red in the punch, switch some pictures around, etc.) I also plan to do a quick costume adaptation. Here's where I'm stuck, do I plan the "post-change" as if we've been visited by zombies or vampires?

Pro-Zombie arguments:
I just read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and LOVED it!
Easy for people to dress the theme if they choose

Pro-Vampire arguments:
I could use Handy_Haunters FABULOUS invites as inspiration (I'm a little lost on the invites for zombie theme)
Easier to do a "costume change" for me- add some blood, bite marks and put in teeth

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