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Zombie Swing Girl...suggestions needed

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Hi all,

I just purchased my first animatronic, the Zombie Swing Girl. I haven't set her up yet but I'm already enamored with her <3. My plan was to hang her from the tree in our front yard with a cover over the motor for protection. I realized as I was taking her out of the box however, that she was far too heavy for the spindly little branches ...*sigh* :(

So I'm wondering if anyone had any suggestions on other was to display her? Please keep the following in mind: 1. I have a VERY small yard to work with and 2. I'm not a handy andy (meaning attempting to undertake anything that would involve lumber, saws, joyces, etc. will be a fail).

Thanks in advance, I'd really hate to have to return her.
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Thanks for the suggestions. The swing set idea was my first thought too but unfortunately none of the ones I looked at will fit in my yard (aka patch of grass that poses as a yard).

grlwalshy62500 your frame is great and would work perfectly. Any way you could make another and ship it to me for free??? j.k.;) Seriously though How difficult was it to put together and where did you get the pvc? Sorry if those are silly questions...I am new to this forum and the decorating game.

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