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Zombie Swing Girl...suggestions needed

2014 6
Hi all,

I just purchased my first animatronic, the Zombie Swing Girl. I haven't set her up yet but I'm already enamored with her <3. My plan was to hang her from the tree in our front yard with a cover over the motor for protection. I realized as I was taking her out of the box however, that she was far too heavy for the spindly little branches ...*sigh* :(

So I'm wondering if anyone had any suggestions on other was to display her? Please keep the following in mind: 1. I have a VERY small yard to work with and 2. I'm not a handy andy (meaning attempting to undertake anything that would involve lumber, saws, joyces, etc. will be a fail).

Thanks in advance, I'd really hate to have to return her.
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