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This was a real simple and fun prop for our zombie party. I picked up a K'nex set at a garage sale for $1 for the cool yellow container it came in. I made a border with yellow/black safety tape. I found the zombie attack survival image online. I'm sure others can make a much cooler label! Added some red paint. I would have added more gore but we had kids at the party.

I kept an assortment of items for kids in this kit as well as some emergency items: A few dollar store Halloween bandages, stethoscope, plastic knife, grenade, Halloween stickers and tattoos for the kids and infected stickers to slap on guests who were deemed unsafe.

Our kitchen was a triage, zombie response team area. This was one of the props on hand that guests could find or open up for the kids.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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