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zombie scissor lifter from chair... or Zeek as we have decided to call him

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This is this year's addition... pretty straight forward chair mounted scissor pneumatic prop. In the vid, the pressure is a little low, so he will be faster on Halloween. Only unique addition is that I have the shoulder joint protruding and connected by a string so when it reaches full extension, the arms yank up - similar set up with the head.


or if that doesn't work just search "zombie scissor lifter" and that should get you there

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I like this and I was waiting for a big jump but I feel like it might be a little slow for my tastes.
That said.. I haven't done ANY pnuematics yet and I am dying to learn.

Can this be made faster to the point of being dangerous?
Is it a matter of air pressure... mechanical leverage.. or both?
like I mentioned, was run with low PSI, it goes fast enough at full that you would have to have the chair bolted to the floor and it launches pretty violently... after Saturday I will post a better vid and also some close ups...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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