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Zombie Prom

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My daughter is the chapter president of Phi Thatta Kappa (or something greek like that) at the local community college and she asked if I had any fun ideas for a fund raiser for next fall. She was thinking this was a great opportunity for us to do a big haunted house but not really wanting to give up my own yard haunt and knowing there would be no way to pull something off in the short time between school starting and Halloween, I suggested something much simpler...a zombie prom or dance. She loves the idea and I have a lot of ideas but would love to hear what the demented minds here come up with for decorations. Remember, this is a group of college age Honor Society students which means energy is high, funds are low. I'm having a hard time finding the time to work on my own props so my time to help or teach a bunch of newbies is even more limited. We will need props and decorations that aren't too juvenille yet not too complicated or time consuming either.
OK gang.......let's hear what you got!
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If you can get some big drums or possibly even garbage cans, paint them yellow and put some warnings on them.

Maybe even a line:

If this canister is compromised.
Call the U.S. Army Immediately

Then have one tipped over with goo coming out, or painted.

Can't have a zombie party without decontamination! Heck, you could even use them as stands inside the dance. If you want to get really fancy, have Plexiglas tops with buckies / bluckies inside that have been corpsified. As is in Night of the Living Dead 2, if im not getting my movies mixed up.
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