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Ran across this picture and I like everything about it:

The zombies and tree are cardboard cut-outs. I'd stiffen them up with a dowel or PVC on the back. I also love the lighting scheme. The blue foreground (or is that black-lighting?) and the orange background. If they could find a way to do the orange back-lighting that would rock! The light misting fog is cool too. Looking at the ground, these tiny hills could be made with foam boulders. Scatter some carpet pieces and that could do the trick.

If you could do the entire perimeter of the dance floor with this it would pull off a great look for a pretty small price. You could get several zombie styles by projecting outlines of zombies on the cardboard and tracing the outline.
LOL ! Hey Terra. I am planning on doing these cut outs in thick foamcore with orange back lights and heavy fog for the area at the side of my house. Front yard is graveyard.
This year a zombie theme.
I am trying to work a "standard traditional " cemetery every year and each year "theme" it slightly. This year zombies, next year skeletons, ghosts or funeral etc. But this year I picked Zombies,
because of this photo and simplicity of the idea. I figure about 5 or 6 different zombie cut outs. ( I might actually throw a real shirt or pants on them to give
them some shadow demention) . I think these are great for a zombie prom.
You could definately do cardboard standees if it was inside.

Tip for large cardboard resources . If your area has a place that manufactures mattresses ( twin, full, queen king) you can usually get those sized sheets of cardboard for a few bucks each. I think I pay $3.00 to $5.00 a sheet. If you have access to a projector you can project the printed image out onto the cardboard sheets in lifesize and would be very ecomonical compare to the price the party design place wants. Cut them out yourself. Paint em with black latex paint.... whaaaa la. I think they would be a hit for decorations.
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