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Zombie heads

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I'm looking to place some zombie bodies around this year and wanted to know the cheapest way to make some decent heads for the bodies. It seems that masks stuffed with newspaper or something might be the most economical, but most zombie masks are $30. Any thoughts?
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I made the zombie head prop at HAuNTcon this year, I changed the eyes to cloudy when I returned home. It was really easy technique, foam wig head (male in this case), homemade eyeballs, cotton balls, liquid latex and various paints. He wears a baseball cap usually, my husband keeps moving him all over the house to scare the kids. He could pop up anywhere! :) :)

If you want details let me know???
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Details would be great, that's just the kind of thing I'm looking for! Where's a cheap place to get those heads? Awesome job with those neck veins.
Thanks you!!

We purchased the male heads at a store that supplies retail fixtures, supplies and displays. The male heads are more expensive than the female ones, and harder to find. I am sure you can purchase on line as well. I will send a BOM and details in another post!! :)
You can get the male and female heads at Hobby Lobby. Also good to keep a lookout for cosmetology heads at goodwill and yard sales, they are fun and easy to convert to zombie heads as well. Another good way to do is to corpsify a skeleton. Many tutorials on this can be found online
The review of the head says it is not paintable... I assume they mean you can't spray paint it but I assume house paint or acrylic would work fine, right?
Right, spray paint "eats" into it but that is your option if you are going for a certain look
Yes carve out the eye holes, mouth area if you want exposed teeth, or gouge his head for injuries. Hot glue in the eyeballs and add fake teeth (using fake nails from dollar store). The first layer was toilet paper brushed on with liquid latex. Then we used the cotton balls dipped in liquid latex to sculpt in fleshy features, like brows, lips, etc. I also made some nernies to create the tendon/vein effect. I attached a YouTube video that shows how to make them, I think parts are in German, I just grabbed the first vid that came up on my search??? :):) Allow to dry over night and then paint, we used acrylic craft paints. You can use stain as well. I think the base coat was a dark brown or grey, I added purple under eyes, in nose cavities, dark areas like that. The most important step IMO, is dry brushing, when he was all painted I dry brushed him with light tan, and a bit of green. The blood effects were added at the very end. He was really easy to make, I hope to make a few more for this season.

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