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Okay, it's like a stationary zombie walk haha...there are going to be 200 ppl dressed as zombies, live music (9 bands ranging from acoustic, folk, punk, rock, metal, and even a Rammstein cover band), papier mache heads with jello brains, the walls will be covered in cardboard, white sheets, and white curtains...all blood splattered and painted for maximum gore etc. etc. I'm going to have a zombie FX booth, photographers, videographers, and concessions. I am working on a torso that will be lying on the floor with nylon stocking guts hanging out and a gray matter bloody brain exposed...and maybe a few areas with some intestines lying on the floor. The theme is, of course, a zombie apocalypse, and so we are also going to have some fog machines, and a few barrels of "toxic waste" with "smoke" (dry ice) rising out of them...My friend is creating a looped video to put on a television that will be lying around...it's going to be a new sreport about the apocalypse.

*deep breath* haha So I've been coordinating this thing for a month now, and I have a very limited budget, but it doesn't seem to be hindering much at the moment. I have exactly 2 weeks left until the day of...and I don't feel like the props i have are enough. I could really use any suggestions for props, backdrops, concession stands, any booths at all, I'm fairly resourceful, so don't rule out before suggesting it to me. Also we have a very good thrift store nearby that always has some odds and ends that are very useful. I'm not really wanting to spend any money on premade props. however, i'm not completely ruling them out. if there is one that is particularly amazing, and not too pricey, chances are I'll be willing to fork out the money.

SOOOOOOOooo, anybody have any ideas for me? I would be forever in your debt.

Nice forum, by the way, I think I might sit a spell if it's alright with the locals =)

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Do you have any friends or relatives with kids who could dress as zombies? Children as zombies are creepy, cute children as zombies are even creepier.

Also, maybe some extraneous smaller bloody body parts (hands, feet, arms, fingers, etc) laying around would be a nice touch. Maybe cut up an old wig into pieces, corpsify the base fabric, and have a few of the pieces strewn around as well (or, if you have an intrepid and dedicated zombie actor, have them clench a small piece of corpsified wig in their teeth :eek: ).
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