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These are the first two papercrafts that my close friend, Chris Drummonds
and I have been collaborating on.They're paper pet zombies. :)
We love zombies and animals... so it was easy to want to combine the two.

- I created preproduction sketches and colored the template.
- Chris engineered the foldable template (by hand, no automated software) interpreting the concept sketches
- We both Overlooked and directed the finished product.

These are all printed on a matte stock, a slightly lighter stock than a business card, then they're cut out with a LASER.

Cartoon Dinosaur Fictional character Jaw Animation

Comparing the sketch to the end result. I gotta admit, I feel like Chris did the most or the hardest part of these all. :)
But I think we both agree it's a good collaboration.

THE PAPERTOYS PHOTOGRAPHED IN THESE COMPARISON PHOTOS are special extra large ones that had to be cut by hand (which is a PAIN), because it wouldnt fit in the laser.

Fictional character Drawing Illustration Paper Art

Cartoon Illustration Sketch Drawing Art

The papertoys below are the "real" size of the normal papertoys :)

Cartoon Animation Anime Fictional character Illustration

Paper Paper product Carton Cardboard Art


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