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A couple of years ago I was offered up a friend's old dental molds for making something. I decided to Zombi-fy them and then I decided to seek out more molds (my s-i-l-type is a dentist) and create Zombie Dentition Specimens for my etsy shop. They haven't been listed for over a year and I am in the process of trying to make silicone molds from the sets I have left so I can have an "endless" supply. BUT someone contacted me about customizing her own set in the meantime which got me all reinvigorated to get going on making more AND sharing them here.





One of the best parts of doing these was coming up with the back story verbiage for the listing which I'll copy below:

While combing through the contents of an abandoned storage unit, Bubble Off Plumb researchers came upon a dusty crate belonging to one Mrs. Eugenia Standpipe, wife of the legendary necromancer Benson Standpipe (of the Portland Standpipes). Housed within was a portion of the famous Standpipe Collection of Zombie Dentition Specimens, once thought lost in the tragic ship wreck that claimed Benson & Eugenia’s lives, and are now available to the public for purchase.

Each specimen comes labeled by Mrs. Standpipe with information about the original donor and the date harvested. Most are full sets including both upper and lower plates. Single plates (either upper or lower) found already dismembered from their owners are labeled accordingly. Due to the expense of and care taken in the restoration process, only a few specimens will be available for purchase at any one time. All are tagged by our in-house restoration department (as shown).

Each specimen is unique; this listing is for the specimen photographed only; no display items are included. All specimens were originally collected according to the ethical guidelines of the era; all zombies were killed and beheaded prior to collection (as applicable) & their remains disposed of according to safety standards of the day (i.e. mass pyre).
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