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Zombie costume suggestions

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I'm planning on being a zombie, this year. I have a FunWorld zombie mask, several baseball caps, shirts, (both T, and button down,) several other clothes to work with, some sneakers, and kind of ragged work boots.

What kind of costumes do you suggest, that could place in a contest? Mods, please move this. I tried to put it in the right place, but couldn't. Thanks.
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I would go with a button down that you are alright with making it look zombiesque. I would rip it in a few spots and rub dirt all over it. Use a straw to make blood splatter all over the shirt. Maybe use some leaves and twigs to make the costume feel more real. Dirt and leaves in the hair too. Zombies are so much fun!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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