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I have a zombie door prop that I built this year for my haunt and used it for about 5 hours and now I need to get rid of it or part it out and take the door to the trash as I have no room for it. I would like to sell the entire door with all the components and I would be willing to sell it for $700 with everything. This would be available for pickup but could also arrange special shipping at the buyers expense.

Here is a list of everything that is included in the door:

Painted door with decals
1 24" Dell LCD flat monitor
1 Hi-Rez Designs DTMF relay decoder board
1 Hi-Rez Designs Zombie Door Prop Series 3 DVD+HD
1 Phillips DVD upconverting HDMI DVD player modified for trigger input with wires.
1 Red rotating beacon light.
2 3/4" Bore 3" Stroke single acting cylinders
2 3-way stacked solenoid valves
All fittings and airlines will also come with prop

Door has a mounted PIR motion sensor just below the decal in the bottom/middle portion of the door. This is used to hook up to another controller IE: Picoboo to so when the video is triggered it will not re-trigger until the programmed sequence is complete. The DVD player is modified with a 2 wires coming from the rear of the DVD player that could connect to a relay channel on a prop controller that will start the video when it's triggered via the PIR. The only thing that you would need is a prop controller like a picoboo or any other prop controller. You wouldn't have to use this with another controller you could play all 3 different video effects fully animated in loop mode meaning that you would just eliminate the use of the PIR and trigger input wires of the DVD player. This would still give you the full effect just repeats continuously. The video shows the door in action starting around 1:37. This video is of my garage haunt this year that was taken a couple days before halloween night so it's not all complete.

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