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zombie children teeder todder

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I wanted to try something different and put some children in my graveyard. I came to the conclusion that they would need a teeder todder. What better than an old wooden cross and a rock?? This took forever because I didn't really have anything to go by. With the help of a few friends it has become something awesome and creepy. It rocks back and forth with a wiper motor and while doing so, the little girl turns her head to look at you with a vent motor hooked up inside her chest cavity. I will keep adding pics and will gladly welcome any ideas/suggestions to make it better.
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I began with a wiper motor and an old piece of barn wood.
Floor Flooring Table Machine Wheel
Floor Flooring

Made a foam rock for it to "balance" on
began working on the skeleton of the kids
Plastic bottle Plastic Play

Face Head Zombie Skin Forehead
Zombie Fictional character Flesh Fiction Costume

dressed them up and decided I wanted the girl to turn her head, and look back and forth. Installed a vent motor and decided the range.
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chained her to the cross and stabbed him to it.
Zombie Fictional character Flesh Fiction Costume

Zombie Sculpture Art Fictional character Jaw

everything worked wonderfully. I will attach video(s) in a couple of days
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That's fantastic! Very cool use of the zombie theme and excellent execution.
Just with still pictures it looks creepy, awesome job all around the armature, the distressing of clothes, the fabrication, it's just fantastic
Excellent prop! And those zombie children look super creepy.
Oh my GOD! I do believe I found the inspiration for next years new prop. You are pretty genius.
This is awesome! Great ideas. BTW, Where did you get those children zombie heads
It was a place in California, A Corpse Maker. He was one of the only people I could find that would make a zombie head that was a kid! He did great work, I think it makes the entire prop!
Definitely on the to do list! Thanks for sharing.
Very nice. Love that you made the legs pivot - makes them look so much more 'alive'.
OMGawd...I sooo love this! The zombies look alive, and the teeter totter wooden cross
idea is genius!!!
Best teeter todder I've ever seen...AWESOME!!!

Did the hands and feet come from the same place?
That is soo cool. The motion is so realistic! Way to go!!!
the boys hands are a set of groundbreaker hands from Spirit Halloween (if you look closely you can tell they are too big). And the girls hands were a pair I bought from another local Halloween store. Both hands were shaped with a heat gun then painted. The girl has only one foot due to the fact they only sold a right foot. I painted it then just put a pink shoe on the other foot (PVC elbow).
Wow! This is very creepy!!
pureevil548--I am going to be doing a Zombie theme for next Halloween and was planning a kids play area of zombies. I was wondering if you could PM me some detailed information about the build so I can try to replicate your awesome job. Main part I am looking for Is the motor and motion of the teeter totter.

Thank You.

P.S. Love It!!
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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