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Zombie Bait - Spirit Halloween 2011

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Zombie Bait
Coming Soon To Spirit Halloween

Realistic and life size prop - Head moves back and forth as the victim try's to escape, Life Size, Sound Activated, Eye Light up, Realistic Screams for help. Includes AC/DC adapter. $149.99

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Looks like I'll be adding this prop to my list of must get after Halloween. (50% off)
Ha Ha!....Do you actually have anything cool left in your stores AFTER Halloween?.....If so I may need to come there for some after Halloween shopping :D ......ZR
They call it Zombie Bait but for my particular use he'd be Vampire bait.....You'd see him right before you saw the lunging vampire....Only instead of lunging at the bait he'll be lunging at YOU!....Ha Ha......ZR
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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