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ZGalleries always has some interesting halloween related items, mostly decor. The silver hand looks very much like the gold one I saw at ROSS last year, wonder if ZGalleries overstock last year was picked up by them. I like the Bicycle Skull playing cards and the Morton Skulls (6 x 8 inches sounds pretty life-size?). I'm thinking the playing cards would look good in a western scene in the hands of poker playing skeletons in a saloon...and of course for regular card playing the rest of the year.


I've learned that it pays to also search beyond "Halloween" on many of these sites, ZGalleries included. Did a search for Skull and turned up this skull umbrella for example: http://www.zgallerie.com/p-15377-skull-umbrella.aspx

Typed in "Ghost" and it came up with "host" but I found something interesting all the same. Not exactly halloween, but I thought this Octopus Beverage Dispenser looked wicked and could see using at halloween if you were doing a pirates theme party:
http://www.zgallerie.com/p-17131-octopus-beverage-dispenser.aspx Very Cracken! or is it Kracken? The companion sea pieces are equally enchanting. Actually liking this better than the Pottery Barn sea series they had recently.
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