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Zagone Studios - Chicago, IL....Made in USA masks! Awesome

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A few weekends ago, my hubby and I took the weekend off and went to Maine. Out in the middle of no where was a halloween costume shop. Of course we went in! We purchased 3 Zagone Studio full face masks for our theme this year...we had a blast trying them on, and they were so well made. The masks form fit to your face and move when you speak. I noticed a piece of elastic from the cheekbone to the jaw...wasn't sure if I was to put it around our ears for movement, so Monday morning I called. The receptionist put me through to one of the owners, and he explained it was just to create a realistic movement when you spoke, not needed to go around the ear. He was super nice, and I told him I would put the word out on the forum about his masks.
Prices ranged from $30++ They also have a facebook page.
Here is my old lady mask
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