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Yup another tombstone thread. :) Come see.

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Here are my first attempts at tombstones. I think they turned out pretty well. I tried a different painting, and carving technique on each one. The washing method on the Frankenstein tombstone is the Terra method. Love her tombstones. Thanks Terra. The paint job on Medusa is Uruk-Hai's method. I love the look of his tombstones aswell. I also used his method for making the cracks. Thanks Uruk-Hai. The Ripper tombstone was my first, its a mix of different techniques. I think I went overboard on the cracks. :eek: The pedestal I picked up from lowes on clearance for $15 in the garden section. So I couldnt pass that up. I repainted it(it was yellowish green, and orange) and will mount the dracula bust from michaels on top. I just havent bought it yet.

I like the look of them, and plan on at least one or two more before Halloween(hopefully). One quick question though. Does anyone spray their tombstones with some kind of sealer? If they get rained on, wont all the water based paint run?

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Wow, really nice work great job skid
Those are absolutely AWESOME !!!!!!! Great job.
Very nice. I really like them just the way they turned out. The cracks and surfacing of the tombstones is awesome. The typefaces chosen work really well too. Regarding the coloring, could you tell us what brand and paint colors names you used on each? Thanks.
Very nice. Now I just have to find Uruk-Hai's method as I already have Terra's bookmarked. :)
Skid_68, what did you do for the "chipped-stone" around the edges of your Medusa stone??? It looks amazing!

Uruk-Hai's tutorial site is here:

A Haunted Halloween - Projects: Tombstones

This will be what I use this year. I just love the look!
Just amazing!!!!
man skid ill tell ya .........your first attempt at a groundbreaker was sick and you first attempt at tombstones is sick .........your sick dude...............good job
Wow thanks guys. All the kind words mean a lot coming from this great community. :)

Ghost of Spookie - I just used what I had lying around except for the yellowish color on the Ripper tombstone. I picked up a small sample of that at lowes. It was Valspar, But I dont remember the name of the color, sorry. I used some of it in the Frankenstein color mix. The black is Behr flat black (mickey mouse ears black) from home depot, and just some white Zinsser primer. Both left over from another project. I just mix them together to get the greys I want. I use the flat black for the lettering and wash.

Mr Grimsley - I used the wood burner tip shown here. But you really could use any tip you want. I chose that one so the areas I melted were wider and a little flatter. Just randomly melt the foam, cover with a grey base coat, and then dry brush with a light grey. The dry brush or light sponge is what really makes the chipped look stand out.

Thanks again guys. Its all your great projects that inspire me. :D
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Excellent! In fact, I am so inspired that I may attempt to make my own tombstones next year. I tried a couple of years ago but let's just say that they did not come out even remotely like yours or the others I've seen on this board!
Great job - I say make more!
Will there be a future posting to this thread of your entire graveyard scene? =)
Nice Job!
When you do the carving do you go through a paper template or mark right on the foam then carve it?
Yes I will definitely post pics of my setup when its set-up. :)

Toymaker - I have tried many different methods for carving. As always I start by printing out my epitaphs with the desired size, and font. For the ripper tombstone. I put 2" masking tape on the foam, covering the lettering area. I then taped the print out on top of that. I then cut the letters out with an exacto knife, and pulled the masking tape off each letter I cut out. Its very tedious, but for this method its a must. After that you just use the old spray paint melting method. It eats away the lettering where you cut the masking tape away. I also tried tracing the print out with a pen or pencil to transfer the lines to the foam. But I had a hard time seeing them without having to trace over them again with pen. Another method is just using your burner to trace on top of the print out, and slightly melt the foam below. If you are looking for sharp lettering. I suggest the masking tape and exacto knife method. When you router, or even melt the lettering away. It will usually stop at where the cut lines are. You still have to be careful. But it does help.

Thanks again for all the kind words everybody! On a side note I finished my fence today. I will post pics later. :D
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Those are amazing stones! The whole thing looks jaw-dropping: the design, carving, paint, epitaphs. I am just stunned at the quality of these. I can't wait to see them in your cemetery too. I like Uruk-Hai's method a lot too.

Edited to add: I didn't seal my stones after painting effects. My painting effects were using watered down exterior latex paint and some artists' acrylic. They still look great and no run off, so you should be good to go.
Already said, but AMAZING work.. I only hope my Hotel sign comes out that nice.....
WOW! Super awesome! I wish my first attempts had turned out as great. Thanks for the kind words regarding my painting style - I sort of hit on what worked and haven't changed. I'd like to try diff. techniques as you have to give the cemetery some variety. I really want to try and emulate Terra's excellent work. Again, great job. Really looking forward to seeing them all set up.

PS you can NEVER have too many cracks! :)
Very nice job!! If these are your first tombstones, I can't wait to see what the ones to come will look like... They're just amazing!!

(I have to admit.... I'm a bit jealous...;) )
I really like how these turned out! Very nice and unique to many others
DUDE! Call me inspired! That is some really 1st-rate work! :)
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