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YouTube video of my Halloween 2014 yard haunt

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Just in case anybody is interested....

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Loved your set up, looks so good in the dark, I bet the kids loved it. How many did you have?
Yeah I've become known as the "Halloween guy" in the neighborhood. The last couple years I've been given a lot of compliments and have had people tell me that "my kid looks forward to your house every year". It's a lot of work but it's gotten to the point that I don't want to disappoint the people now. We got about 50-75 kids this year and actually had quite a bit of candy left over. It seemed less than the last few years especially since Halloween was on a Friday this year. But it was cold so maybe that was why. I just hope it's not a trend because I sure do have a lot of stuff to figure out what to do with if the TOTs stop coming.
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