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HalloGeekHalfrican;1822065 said:
...He was hysteric, crying and screaming. His parent asked if we had a bandaid or something (even though the kid wasn't bleeding in the slightest). So the pair came inside while the group left. Ten minutes of screaming, bandaids, and wet towels later, the kid and his dad left and caught up with their group.
You are lucky that they did not attempt something while inside your place, since that is how a lot of robberies start. Much safer to tell them, "Wait here and I will go get you a bandaid," and proceed to do just that, with the door locked in the meantime.

The worst was when I was in either middle or early high school - an adult, the father of a scared little girl, who threatened to punch me. Like he was told, if the setup looked too bad, they should have kept walking:rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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