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Ever have that TOTer that you didn't like? Did they insult you over candy? Did they mess with your decorations? Do you know that TOTer which makes it worse? Did someone stay too long or made things very weird? Feel free to post about it.


I'm in this getup:

This was the first year we topped 500 trick or treaters, and it was starting to wind down towards the end of the night, but we still had a steady stream. For the first time, I wasn't free to wander with that many, but was out front managing a small queue line. Previous years, I've had easy on/off masks for kids that got too scared. This was the first time I had one that I am pretty strapped into.

I had managed to have fun with 99% of the children that night, by pretending THEIR costumes were real. Oh no, BATMAN! Being scared of the skeletons, bowing to princesses, etc. The kids all ate it up.

Group of teenagers. 13-14 come up. And one of them is being obnoxious. I thought he was poking fun and acting overly scared on purpose. No biggy.

But as his friends prod him and practically drag him closer, a string of profanity starts spewing forth. "What the $&%*$# movie is THAT from?" gesturing to me and the yard. His friends walk through, and he just sits out front just beyond the driveway lacing profanities.

His friends return, try to convince him it's not scary, and he just won't let it go, what movie is this from? It's all supposed to be fake from movies, what is THIS? So, I actually break character and tell him this is from no movie. It's all mine.

"Then take it off".

Nope. it doesn't come on and off easy.

More kids are coming, I'm trying to ignore him, his friends are trying to get him to move along, parents are asking him to stop swearing, I ask him to leave. He just keeps at the end of the driveway telling me to show him it's fake take it the %^&* off.

I'm at the end of my rope, so I walk over to the fence, where I had started the night before the need for a queue line. Reach behind, and pull out my (real) scythe. Walking back with the string of profanity laced taunting wafting my way, I cut a pumpkin in half as I reach the entrance, and he runs to the end of the street.

BUT COMES BACK and starts filling the air again.

We ended up with him under his bed, me standing at the end, looking under it, tossing him some candy and telling him Happy Halloween, his parents laughing up a storm. He hasn't been back.
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