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It's funny in reading all of these responses how unappreciative people can be, usually those that put out no effort to entertain the kids. How do people get to be that rude? And why do they want to make a scene in front of others? Do you ever count the amount of houses in your area that will even put out a few dollars to buy and place a pumpkin on their porch?

I had one bad trick r treator in 13 years of doing this at this location, he was about 10 and he decided he was gonna give tours to his buddies through my house...so he storms through the front door and says look at this dancing skeleton and he jumped up into the air and stomped on the knob to activate the skeleton. He missed the knob and just kept jumping on it to get it to start. Sorry...I walked over pretty excited and said>>>What are you doing, you're going to break that. He preceded to act like my son. Trust me it was crazy.

The next year he came with his parents in toe........now I know why he acts the way he does. They came through the spell and potion room and picked up almost every decoration on that table making fun of it and Throwing it back onto the table where it did not belong.With people like this if you don't get on it and put a stop to them ...they just want to show off more. I put a stop to it. Never saw them again>>>I hope they moved.

I can only think of one more funny thing. I have a drunk witch that comes every year with her little guy usually at the end of the night. One year Joe had had an operation and I parked him in the back bedroom. We had closed and even tho the lights were all still on the front door was closed. Just as I sat Joe on the toliet, I was still helping him sit down.....here is this drunk witch behind me standing in the bathroom door yelling Happy Halloween. Lesson learned>>>>>LOCK the door when you think you are done!

I'd also like to make honorable mention about one other thing:
In 13 years of having a tremendous amounts of people come through our house, we started with over 100 coming and quickly rose to the amount of 600 each year and over 1000 in 2012, we have never had any trouble or anything stolen from us. I think that says a lot for our community.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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