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Your Haunt Name?

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A lot of us have haunts or displays that we've named. Post your haunt name and tell if there is a reason for the name you chose.

Ours was given the title of EERIE MANOR, a play on the name of our city of Erie, PA. We made plaques for our columns several years ago, and now folks actually refer to the haunt by it's name.

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I never considered actually naming by display until now. I just added the "Abandon all Hope Ye Who Enter Here" Arch last year, which is from Dante's Inferno. So maybe something like "Dante's Castle" or "Inferno House". I also do other literary and movie refrences like Frankenstein & Young Frankenstein, along with Vlad Tepis/Count Dracula. I live on Shamrock Drive so that doesn't play well. I'll need to give it some thought.:confused: Vehicle Car Property Luxury vehicle Mid-size car
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