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I use Mind Fear because it allows for any theme and I always play people's fear against them. If you think of all the different kind of fears people have, the possibilities are endless.

One year, I made a long narrow room with a low ceiling to make it scary for the claustrophobic people. The entrance just had several layers of black plastic strips to act as a door. Then I added a strobe light at the entrance facing down the long narrow room. Also added a fog machine. At the end of the room, sat a helper in all black wearing a Jason's mask with a black light above him. Because it was so hard to see, I added glow sticks along the floor so they knew where they had to go. I was dressed in a painters suit (all white) and could be right next to someone and they wouldn't know I was there. Also made a few hidden places in the wall I could slip into and disappear. That made it interesting because I could lightly touch their hair as if a ghost or something was there or whisper something to them but they couldn't see me. As they walked down the room, then the Jason mask would slowly come into view but couldn't clearly see what you were walking towards. When you went to get the candy sitting on his lap then he would come alive unpredictable. Sometimes he would on the first kid or wait till 2nd or 3rd. Made for a eerie walk to get candy.
1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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