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Your Haunt Name?

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A lot of us have haunts or displays that we've named. Post your haunt name and tell if there is a reason for the name you chose.

Ours was given the title of EERIE MANOR, a play on the name of our city of Erie, PA. We made plaques for our columns several years ago, and now folks actually refer to the haunt by it's name.

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We've been "The Revenants' Lair" for years, but I'm not fond of it anymore. I doubt that many children know what a revenant is, for one thing. ;)

I think that we need something new!
I've been trying to come up with a new name, but something short...not having much luck. It's just a cemetery scene with a haunted house (front porch, they don't come into the house itself).

Our street name is not ominous in the least, nor does it sound cemetery-ish, or funeral home-ish.

Our city used to be called Elm City, so I thought that incorporating "Elm" makes sense. I want to stay away from using "Elm City" itself, because we have a center for special needs adults by that name.

So far I have come up with:

Whispering Elm Cemetery (a bit long for carving a sign!)
Towering Elm Cemetery (still long?)
Crooked Elm Cemetery (??)

then there are the more obviously-Halloween names:

Dark Elm Cemetery
Eerie Elm Cemetery
Ghostly Elm Cemetery
Spectral Elm Cemetery

Thoughts? Oh, and then the only real problem with all of these is, we have NO trees in the scene...unless I make some.
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Maybe try Wych Elm Cemetery, it is an Elm species?

Ooooh, I like it! I LIKE it! Thanks! :D
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