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The Ravens Grin Inn was an"INN",built to be one 1865-70 ( I guess it was done by 1870?)
i desired to "show" that a little more was going on here, Laughs-humor and not just one thing(Scaring people )
Poe's "Raven" poem was the most p0pular poem for many years,moody, sullen, mysterious....but yet the Raven is grinning!

Tonight was a prime example. A tall,muscular man,Father of the Family was a little "bossy" over his kind of timid teenage boys,telling them they "Were" going to do the risky stuff here.
Then I scared the Father three times in a row.....with a plastic toy that my neighbor had thrown away.
MY throat provided it's various sound "Defects", the first time I screeched at him, the second scare I squealed, the third time I said (as in "Spoke") "BARK!"
He jumped all three times too,in front of his other family members!
It turned out to be a Great night!
1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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