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Your chance to be in my haunt

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My theme this year is zombie apocalypse and I will be running newscast type video where field locations are reporting in to the command center. If you would like to be part of my haunt, send me a short video (2 minutes or less) that is zombie-related. Remember that this is "live" reporting and it will be nighttime during my hours of operation, so backgrounds must either be after dark or indoors. You could be one of the zombie hunter outposts reporting in, a zombie who has overrun the outpost, a survivor - anything that fits the theme - be creative!
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Great idea! Very creative. "This is Seal Gravestone reporting in from (fill in the blank), where the Zombie Apocalypse is among us. Reports are coming in from all over. The dead are rising from the grave and zombies are (zombie comes up behind him) . . . . . . (snow)"
This is exactly what I was looking for - when can I expect your video? :D
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