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You have Halloween dreams.:D

Last night was the first ever dream I have had about Halloween. The imagery was great there were lots of pumpkins and the trees were turning colors and I was being chased by 2 witches that wanted my blood for a spell. There were lots of Halloween decorations in the places I was going to try to get away. I don't have dreams that I remember that often but when I do they are always HD looking on the visuals so I always love how they look.

It also had a different ending than most of the dreams I have when I am being chased. Eventually I always find my gun safe in my dreams and even if whoever is chasing me doesn't stay down I keep shooting them and it goes into that loop until after a while I wake up from the repetition.

This time a ghostly looking person came to me and reminded me that I could do magic too and that I was more powerful than they were. I was just getting ready to open up on them when I woke up :(

Anyway I think I am officially in Halloween mode :D
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