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Yet another prop idea

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Next year, I am going to have to go with a haunted carnival theme. I just thought of an awesome idea for a Spinning Wheel of Death. I would do the traditional side show, only in this act the knife thrower missed and hit the girl, leaving her life less body hanging from the wheel slowly spinning. I think I would do it with cleavers, and one hit her stomach, splitting her open and dome intestines spilling out. I need to figure out how to make a body out of latex and foam, because in this case the stuffed clothes wouldn't work. I can handle the mechanics, but the sculpting is a hangup.
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I'll tell you something I'm looking into... as creepy as it sounds. :) Ever hear of a Real Doll? They're made to be next generation sex toys and the ones I've seen pictures of look super realistic. They are made of silicon and supposed to be flexible unlike a mannequin. I've been wanting to change my Creature From The Black Lagoon figure so he's holding a Julie Adams figure, but I've never been able to find a mannequin of essentially a passed-out woman being carried, and the few I've seen modified to take that pose require a LOT of cutting, filling, sculpting, etc.

There's a site called DHGate, that's like ebay for the Chinese, and there are a lot of those Real Dolls for sale on there, a lot of them for about the price of a mannequin. I'll be ordering one after Halloween when I can focus on modifying the Creature's arms. I'm just worried that a silicone body is going to be heavier than a vinyl or fiberglass mannequin.
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