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Yet another prop idea

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Next year, I am going to have to go with a haunted carnival theme. I just thought of an awesome idea for a Spinning Wheel of Death. I would do the traditional side show, only in this act the knife thrower missed and hit the girl, leaving her life less body hanging from the wheel slowly spinning. I think I would do it with cleavers, and one hit her stomach, splitting her open and dome intestines spilling out. I need to figure out how to make a body out of latex and foam, because in this case the stuffed clothes wouldn't work. I can handle the mechanics, but the sculpting is a hangup.
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There's a tutorial or two on sculpting bodies on the forum, I think one was called "creepy shelly" or something similar. Maybe someone who remembers the titles can post a link.

The basic way to do it is to create an armature using plastic bottles, wire shaped approximately to size, etc. Then you use clay and/or paper mache (or paper mache clay) to build out the final shape. Alternatively you could sculpt the shapes out of styrofoam - lots of posts about doing that, particularly by Terra.
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