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Yet Another Big Spider project...

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So, this is my idea for a giant spider static prop. I dont have the time/budget to try some of the awesome spides I have seen on here, but have formulated a crafty plan for something quick and easy.

To start with the legs. I have a metal poled temporary gazebo, one that has metal tent poles and a simple cover. These are pretty cheap to buy, under £20 in the UK. So, I am going to use the poles and joints from this to make my legs. I will use the four corner legs, complete with corner joints and the roof poles for four weight supporti g legs.The legs will each be about 12 foot long in total. I will attach these to a central piece of plywood with holes in with cable ties. I will use any other poles left along with bamboo garden canes for the other four legs. To add some bulk to the legs I have ordered some extra long twirly balloons from ebay (£1.79 for 50) which I will fix on with tape. I will then cover each leg in black bin bags (again really cheap).

For the body, whilst I have seen people use gym balls, which I have one of, I am trying to keep weight down, so have some 3ft balloons on order. I will inflate one of these to make a nice round body, possible adding some other padding for shape. I will propably use another of these balloons half inflated for the other part of the body. I will again cover these with black bin bags and tape, trying to make the leg joints look as giid as possible. For the face, I think I will have to make this in advance, as I want to use a couple of small torches as Red Eyes. I also want some nice white fangs/pincers and to hide a speaker so he makes some creepy noises too.

When I have covered the legs and body in bin bags I am going to use some white and red spray paint I have to add some funky stripes down the body and on the legs.

Because it will be so light, I will pin some legs to the ground with tent pegs and also try to have the rear legs fixed to my garage door, so it looks like the spider is walking off the house and down the drive to great the toters.

Hopefully I have described this reasonable well, as I will only be able to put this together during the day on Halloween, so just trying to think it through properly.

Please add any comments, suggestions, changes, things you would do etc. Thanks.
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so far sounds pretty good have you thought of using Styrofoam for the body?
Thank you for your thoughts. I had considered it. However, I think that the time and effort (and mess!) to shape it into a the large rounded shape (and my probable lack of skills to make it look right) mean that inflating a large balloon will be quicker and give a better result.

I think I will have a test run when I get the balloons to see what one leg and the body would look like, a run through would also be useful before having to build the whole thing.
We have made two giant spiders. The first spider was made from metal poles (like ten poles) covered in pool noodles of different widths. I took a large, damaged snowman inflatable and stuffed it with packing paper and newspaper. Covered everything in black plastic sheeting. The eyes were old tupperware containers with leds.

Spider 2.0 was made from pool noodles again, over wood. The body was constructed from cardboard boxes and packing material. Molded into shape with masking tape. The body was covered with spray bed liner paint. I used plastic hemispheres for the eyes. We were trying to go for a Pacific Rim look, with our spider fighting a giant centipede. Both had LEDs and UV paint.

I have more photos in my profile albums. Both spiders cost less than $50 to construct. I mostly use upcycle materials.
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They are awesome!! Definately the kind of thing I am looking for. Your pictures are giving me inspiration...
I have now decided to place the Giant Spider under the tree on the front as I can then rig up a simple fan in the tree so I can make some of the spiders legs up and down.

I have received my giant balloons.and thy are pretty big, just worried about them popping. However, as we had a bit of sun the other day, the inflatable Shamu we own came out. So.am.know thinking of using that as the body, without the tail.inflated.
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