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YC Boney Bunch--You all KNOW what we have to do

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we all need to send NICE emails explaining tht we won't be buying BB next year due to the increased costs, decreased quality and general direction which the BB has taken in recent years. Tell them exactly what you want. Pirates. Guillotine. Classic Monsters. More fairy tales. In scale pieces.

If we want changes, we need to let them know what we wnt...not just whine and cry when they put up more random junk with crappy paint jobs next year.
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I filled out the survey for my online purchase earlier today. I advised them that I was disappointed that they had held the launch until the end of the month. And told them that I normally purchase a few jar candles at the Boney party, but that the delay had led me to purchasing them from a competitor that put their merchandise out at the start of the month.
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