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Well, our last haunted forest at the fire department was plagued with problems from the get go, low budget, poor management choices and such and they had made the threat to not do it again, but with a little sweet talking at tonight's business meeting i am pleased to announce that we will be having one this year, starting on Oct. 17th at 7pm on the weekends, thru Halloween night. Now just go get them to come off of a bigger budget for us...
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Congrats firemanva. They can be alot of fun to do. The past few years we have been doing a haunt in our meeting room at our station here in n. mich. Last year we did a haunted deer camp theme. Had hunter's hanging from buck pole ( skellies dressed in hunter orange obtained from goodwill store), deer hunter bait pile with subway subs, beer, pizza boxes ect. Even had a skellie hunter on a spit over a faux campfire! Had a ball doing it. People loved it. Every year seems we keep getting more tot's w/parents. Good pr with taxpayers. Good luck with yours.
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