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YAY!!! I got my roaming antique doll from spirit AND I figured out a trigger start

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I was getting frustrated about finding this doll I wanted and she was sold out online, I called our store Saturday morning because they get in a shipment on Friday afternoons. They had gotten one in and said they would hold it if I came right then. I zipped over and grabbed her. I LOVE HER!!! I had been working it out in my mind how to trigger her as she is sound activated or if you touch her she'll start up. I usually struggle huge with that kind of stuff but I had a epiphany and it worked. I am a "runner", mind you I use the term loosely. I do intervals of running for a few minutes then walking for a minute and I have this little timer I wear (size of an mp3 player) that can be set to 2 different intervals so I set the timers intervals to one minute each and set the alarm to beep and vibrate and clipped on her cord where it plugs into her base and it triggers her every minute. Her floating around and talking lasts like 15-20 seconds then she starts up again as soon as the timer goes off.
I don't have video of her but this is what she looks like. She rolls around randomly and changes directions whenever she bumps into something.
With a coupon she was $56.00 plus tax
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What a great idea! :)
I really like that doll! And I love what you did with her. Great idea! :)
{Secretly wishing she looked like the Annabelle Doll, 'cause all the kids around here are scared of her. :D }
That's an awesome idea! Do you happen to have a pic or name for the running device you're talking about? I'm sure many here would be interested in trying that.
Rustie, it's called a "Gym Boss", I only know of buying them at their website, they're 20 bucks. http://www.gymboss.com/
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