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Yardsale find!

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I found this cool book today called VAMPYRE The Terrifying Lost Journal of Dr. Cornelius Van Helsing for only a buck at a yard sale! It is sort of a puffy hardcover and the circle thing at the top is an eyeball that blinks when you move the book around. There are more moving pics inside and each page is like a journal or scrapbook with things like a pop-up or an item Van Helsing added. We nearly died when we opened an envelope on one page and saw what we thought was a squished dead mouse that turned out to be werewolf fur...LOL!!!
This is the neatest book I have ever seen and would look great on any coffee table!

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Wow sounds like you scored , very cool !!
I found one of these books last year after Halloween at a Borders on one of their bargain tables. It is very cool. as Deadna said, it's VERY visual.......and it's a fun read!
Pictures, pictures!!!! Pleeeaaaaase! :)
nice score only a buck wow .......i got this book 2 years ago for xmas :) i also have the 2 pirate books like that , you got a great deal these sold for 28$ 30$ in libraries , they look great :) have a bunch of things that pull out of the books like documents letters maps etc , lenticular portraits inside ....my daugther cant read yet but loves to look at them ....
Just proof that one persons junk is anothers treasure.....
Cool find! :)

I saw that in the bookstore and talked myself out of buying it for $20-something bucks... :eek:
Good for you! I almost bought this twice during the Christmas season at Borders. It was on a discount table near the cash registers. Wish I had!
Just proof that one persons junk is anothers treasure.....
That is so true! I had to feel each page to even find all the hidden goodies because the book didn't even appear to have been opened before so was still new and stiff. Heck ~I~ didn't even look inside it when I spotted it...I just scooped it up for the cover :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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