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Yard Yard Prop Idea - Need Help How to Do It

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The theme of my yard haunt is a mysteriously creepy house (something like one of those eerie houses in shows like Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Wrong Turn). My idea is to hang a nasty, stained bag from my arched entry gates that I am building. I want the bag to be moving...like something is alive inside and is trying to get out of the bag.

Any ideas how I can make the bag move or shake? My first thought is to use a small oscillating fan in the bag. I think this will cause the bag to have a slow sway. Any other ideas how I could achieve this?

Thanks in advance for the advice.
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look up bumble ball. They are cheap for pets at pet stores and bounce around. Battery operated so you just push the button and forget about it. No cords. lol I've thought of putting one in a wood box too.
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