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Yard Haunt Display with Prop Links 2013

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This is the set-up I used last year and links to the prop videos. It rained all week do I had to do this on ToT day. You can see how chewed the ground is. I didn't have my fog chiller and didn't have time for the Lighting FX Unit or others things I show on my channel. I'm using this as a basic guide for this year since I'll have more time to put up more of my stuff and FX.

I use all static props with store bought costumes. I'm not buying an air compressor anytime soon lol I may make a cauldron creep next year to get a little bit of animation. The floods were pointed down strafing the ground instead of up except for the Scarecrow (which I should have had the flood behind a tombstone). I bought an orange CFL I'm going to put in a 10" clamp light this year to get some Halloween color instead of Xmas color ;

The 'front' of our house on ToT is actually the driveway and garage because we're on the corner. The yard does allow for some depth placing the Jeeper's Creeper's scarecrow farther away (his hat blew down). Blinking lights in the bushes helped a bit. So this isn't 100% of what I can do. but it did work out fine. Worth a quick look. The links may be helpful.

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Your set-up really looks great!

I like the arrangement of the cemetery.
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