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Yard Decor Ideas?

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Every year my family and I do something big (well at least compared to everyone else in our neighborhood). Every year we change it up. Last year we did a carnival theme. Transformed our whole backyard, we had games, everyone in costume, and we bought a popcorn and cotton candy machine. Which is already pretty hard to top.But on top of that, this year, my family and I are extremely tight on money, we are all excessively busy this year, and about to move. So we can't/don't wanna do any builds or spring for anything that empties our pockets.

Does anyone have any ideas for something unique, impressive, but inexpensive? It's a huge bonus if it enables interaction like the carnival one did!
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Do you still have all of last year's props and décor? If so, just repeat! If they loved it last year, they'll be excited to see it all again.
If not, how about a creepy spider theme? Tons of webs everywhere, which are super cheap, and some creepy lighting. Play a spooky soundtrack and you've got instant atmosphere for very little money. I definitely would not try to top last year with all you've got going on. No one needs that stress. Just have fun!
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