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yard 2014 grainy though it may be wife took vid

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added pics yard 2014 grainy though it may be wife took vid

well, I hope you can see what it looks like done fore now until the week of Halloween, when I put out animated props (store bought)http://youtu.be/SGoAp4xq7xg, sorry couldn't download it here http://youtu.be/Bl11KCl4AjI, just added some still pics
hope it looks better


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the video was hard to see but the lighting is down pat. checked your other video in daylight, wow you done an excellent job!
put some stills on they look better
Looks great! I love the skulls on the fence. Lighting is absolutely great!
Love your arch and fence, well all of it but really nice job.
Wish I lived on your block! Also wish I had your talent and energy.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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