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X-Mas tree halloween style

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with all the talk on the black xmas trees in another thread, I was wondering if anyone here can help me a bit.

this year for xmas we are decorting the tree with a halloween twist to it. maybe a skull head topper, purple or orange lights and other halloween only related oriments on it.

If any can post pics of years past of there halloween xmas tree for ideas, I thank you.
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I just bought a little black tree this year we orange lights. I didn't add anything this year. But I came across this website that has some gergous Halloween ornaments and toppers. A little spendy so maybe I'll collect pieces over time.
Halloween Ornaments, glass, vintage and reproduction
wow hp, that is some tree. scare shack, i haven't done a christmas theme at halloween yet, but have been planning on it. after christmas each year i go in and buy their different colored trees. i see this year walmart has a black one as well as other colors. i have a pink tree, red tinsel tree, silver tinsel tree, and a green tree. i do have a black tree but it has a 150 pre lit pumpkin lights. sometimes the stores carry halloween ornaments that are glass like christmas ornaments. i have picked up a dozen or so on after halloween sales. i would love to see what some others have out there as well.
If I may suggest a little something. One of my favorite stores in the whole world is called Christmas Traditions. Their site is christmastradtions.com They have all holiday stuff all year round. I know the store is called Christmas tradtions but they have the largest selection of Halloween items you will ever find. Tons of vintage and funky things. Halloween trees are one of their specialties. If you go to their site and check out some of their pictures you will see what I am talking about. They also have more ornaments than you could ever imagine. check them out when you get a chance. I think you will find some cool ideas:)
There's also Christopher Radko collection as far as ornaments ....a bit pricey...but beautiful....This website carries them...:)

Christopher Radko Halloween Collection
Oh yes Radko ornaments are the best. I have a few of those. The website I suggested carries a lot of those and has some that look just as good for not as much.
well you could use the skeleton garlands that sold in dollar stores and try and find ttiny santa hats for them :) felt ornements are usually not too expensive or you canmake your own like felt witch hat with glitter on them ..... or black and orange candy canes , or a skeleton angel at the top of the tree ....you can put bats in it too .....

but like others mentione christmas tradition store is awsome and the radko ornements too but expensive.

But TOO rich for my blood. :(
my halloween tree from the last two years.......



My treetopper is a bat puppet it works great btw so maybe you could find one you like. It makes it super easy to put on the top of the tree.

I also have been thinking of doing a halloween spin on the snowball ornaments they have out this year (clear glass ornaments with little white ball styrofoam piecies inside to look like snow) with snowscenes (snowmen etc) painted on the glass ornament. I think I will do a few with confetti bats and or pumpkins and paint halloween scenes on them instead of snowy scenes.

the tree in 07 was smaller than the one I got this year. I think next year I'll find a smaller one the tree was just more full with ornaments when it was smaller and made it that much more festive I thought. Plus the 7.5 foot tree(from Walmart) omg it took up my whole living room and my living room is large
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wow goth, i love your tree. that first picture is cool.
i love the idea of skeleton garland going around the tree with skele hats. wish i had bought more now.
I've read in another post oriental trading was doing a halloween sale...Well, in a way i'm lucky as I can't order from them lol
I've found these mini skulls, 24 for $5.99, sounds cheap to me, and you can hang them or do a garland...
I hope the link will work : Mini Skulls
Thanks so much for all the info and links.
Anyone else have pics. of trees they done in the past?
Yeah, I'm sure my wife would love a halloween christmas tree. She hates my talking about halloween 24/7, if I was then to suprise her with a halloween tree she would probably string me up by the short and curlies.

Although I have talked her into black and white decorations for the tree, do you think I could sneak in a couple of skellies ??
you know how there's supposed to be a cricket on the hearth for good luck. well i got told there is supposed to be a spider on the tree and even a poem about it. so maybe you could sneak a spider on the tree for sure.
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