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When shopping on http://www.kentuckyspecialfx.com use discount code: creep10 during checkout to get 10% your entire order regardless of how big your order is, NO LIMITS!
The code can be used on every single Halloween prop and Halloween ghost decorations on our site no matter how big the order is and this includes our Flying Crank Ghosts AKA FCG setups.
Be sure to check out our new Saw and Resident Evil movie prop replicas in the prop section, were adding new props every week and the discount code can be used on them as well.
We will be adding roughly two new items every day to the site this month and next month as were expanding the line up like a car crash that mangled a bunch of 12 year olds.
Time to get busy digging up those old bones, Halloween night is right around the corner my children!
If you need custom props built for your haunt attraction as always your more than welcome to call us at 502-836-3125 from 11am - 1am EST. seven days a week.
Yes were here that late, Halloween is what we live for!
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