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I have an old vampire bat prop that I like to bring out around this time of year. It's probably been 12 years since I got it and it is starting to fall apart probably from taking him out of storage and putting him back. Maybe I can repair the latex, it has a hole on the chin and its feet have had to be ducktaped now. But I figure it would be best to try and find a replacement.

Except, I am not finding anything that 'fits' where he goes nicely.

There are numerous vampire/bat hanging props, but they are either wildly expensive - the cheapest being a $700+ flatback from Unit70, or the Distortions Unlimited vampire that is probably a bit too big for storage - or they are so cheap they look cheap. At least this fella looks somewhat realistic, and he wasn't that expensive either (around $70). Halloween Adventure had a ton of them all over, even when I got him on clearance in November.

This is the exact prop I am talking about, vampire bat with big ears, closed mouth and eyes, foam-filled latex and metal wire at the feet to hang from.

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