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WTB Home Depot Jacko'Lantern Man

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Anyone in an area that still has one and willing to ship it to me? Pretty please with candy corn on top?
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whats really annoying is that HD has been showing stock they dont have. Ive called all these stores before and they said they were long sold out of stock, so it still shows stock of 2 of these guys in Tampa but I really dont think thats correct at all.
Get me started on HD's web site at your peril! :) Between allowing you to start the order process for items they won't ship, and the inaccurate stock counts, I've been gnashing my teeth in frustration. I refuse to drive any more to find this darn thing no matter how much I like it.
I used to work for Home Depot and the inventory on the site is never correct. When they do inventory in a store the count is always off, so the store just changes the count to whatever the system say's the on hand is and it gets sent to HQ. Problem solved....yeah right.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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